Heat Sealing Lids Series Flexible Packaging Series

Easy peel lid as an important series of easy-to-open packaging group, it was constituted with a bowl/cup which has a little bit thicker and harder as a whole packing form. Easy peel ids must have the feature of good anti-pollution and low temperature of heat sealing. The material structure usually has aluminum and non-aluminum with laminated process. According to the function there have water filter lids and microwavable lids, and according to the production process there have covered film lids and embossed lids which can be sealed with PAPER/PE, PET, EPS, PP and various containers of composing by different materials.Easy peel lids in addition to being used in the packaging of instant noodles, it is also widely used in the packaging of boxed tofu, yogurt, jelly, pudding, milk tea, biscuits, snacks and other packaging application.